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Model Union Denmark (DaMo) is a union aiming to unite all models working in DK. We work on a voluntary basis, to protect the models rights, and along with issues of health, child labour, wages and working conditions we function as a unified voice for the models in the public debate. We offer various events of educational, consultive and social character and we host Model Lounge CPH during fashion week. Moreover we emphasise guiding and coaching new models, and their parents, on the issues you face when entering the modeling industry.

You are very welcome to join in on our mission.

Whether you are a professional model, an aspiring model,  a parent or a supporter of our work feel free to SIGN UP.

Membership is free of charge.


At DaMo our vision is that every professional model in the world is healthy and happy. We want all models to have the same legal protection and working rights as any other ordinary profession.

DaMo will work to secure the best working conditions for models, concerning both health (nutrition on the job, eating disorders), labour rights (hours, wages, contracts), child labour (minimum age and child protection), and moral and ethic issues (nudity, child labour).

We work toward uniting all models working in Denmark in a community which will serve as a unified voice in the public and political debate surrounding models’ working condition.

We aim to create the most productive environment for sharing knowledge about the profession of modelling to new models and their relatives.

We wish to strengthen the social and collegial bond between models working in Denmark. Although the modelling industry is highly competitive models need a sense of solidarity and community with one another in order to speak with a strong unison voice.


The Danish fashion industry strongly needs a union which can gather Danish models and models working in Denmark in a community where the interests and wellbeing of the models are prioritised and realised.

At DaMo our vision is that every professional model in the world is healthy and happy. We intend to raise the general level of knowledge concerning the modelling profession, labour rights and general health, both for the general society which is under indirect affect from the modelling industry, and the people working in the fashion industry.

Many years of heavy media debate about the fashion industry’s handling of models’ interests and health without ever including the actual main characters, the models, let to the meeting of a couple of professional models in Aarhus, who ended up founding the Model Union Denmark in june 2nd 2010. The union has its residence in Copenhagen and primarily works actively in Aarhus and Copenhagen.

The industry today
The Danish fashion industry is in a major state of transformation. A couple of years after the launching of The Ethical Charter in 2007 formulated by the Danish Fashion Institute (DAFI) and the Union against Eating Disorders (LMS), it was clear that the lack of sanctioning in the charter had furthered none of the results or ambitions of the charter concerning models’ wellbeing.

DaMo wish to carry on the good initiative by further developing the ambitions of the charter.

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